Jacques Satgé

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A strategy is described to raise high-affinity antibodies directed against the organophosphorus nerve agent VX [O-ethyl S-(2(diisopropylamino)ethyl)methyl phosponothionate]. Ten chemical derivatives of VX (haptens) have been synthesized. Their structures differ principally from VX structure by substitution of S-atom by an O-atom or CH2-group and by(More)
Silathiazolidine and metalladithioacetals (M = Si, Ge) have been prepared by the interaction of dialkyldichloro- or bis(diethylamino)dialkylsilanes and -germanes with 3-[N-(2- thioethyl)]amino-propanamide (WR-2529) and [1-thioethyl-2-(1-naphtylmethyl)]-2- imidazoline. The study of these compounds in the field of chemical radioprotection has shown a notable(More)
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