Jacques Saraydaryan

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Cyber criminality activities are changing and becoming more and more professional. With the growth of financial flows through the Internet and the Information System (IS), new kinds of thread arise involving complex scenarios spread within multiple IS components. The IS information modeling and Behavioral Analysis are becoming new solutions to normalize the(More)
Monitoring and analysing Information system(IS)'s security events has become more and more difficult in the last few years. As IS complexity rises, the number of mandatory monitoring points has increased along with the number of deployed probes. Consequently, a huge amount of information is reported to the analyst which subsequently floods him and implies(More)
—As the world population gets older, the healthcare system must be adapted, among others by providing continuous health monitoring at home and in the city. The social activities have a significant role in everyone health status. Hence, this paper proposes a system to perform a data fusion of signals sampled on several subjects during social activities. This(More)
— The health status of elderly subjects is highly correlated to their activities together with their social interactions. Thus, the long term monitoring in home of their health status, shall also address the analysis of collaborative activities. This paper proposes a preliminary approach of such a system which can detect the simultaneous presence of several(More)
An increasing number of systems use indoor positioning for many scenarios such as asset tracking, health care, games, manufacturing, logistics, shopping, and security. Many technologies are available and the use of depth cameras is becoming more and more attractive as this kind of device becomes affordable and easy to handle. This paper contributes to the(More)
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