Jacques Robertson

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Conventional imaging techniques are of limited value in identifying small liver metastases. Indirect methods of measuring blood-flow have shown that metastases may be associated with subtle changes in liver blood-flow. Doppler ultrasonography has the ability to measure liver blood-flow directly. In this study, the role of duplex sonography in the detection(More)
BACKGROUND The early detection of liver metastases in patients with gastric carcinoma is important for determining the appropriate therapy; however conventional imaging techniques are limited for detecting "occult" liver metastases. Previous studies have shown that the measurement of the Doppler perfusion index (DPI)-ratio of hepatic arterial to total liver(More)
Previous studies using dynamic scintigraphy have shown that the measurement of changes in hepatic perfusion may be exploited to detect liver metastases. Similar hepatic haemodynamic changes also occur in cirrhosis, however, thereby reducing the diagnostic power of the technique. The ability of duplex colour Doppler sonography (DCDS) to differentiate between(More)
BACKGROUND Walking following stroke involves compensatory strategies by the unaffected leg to cope with the deficits in the hemiparetic leg. Recently, training paradigms based on the principles of task-oriented repetitive exercise have provided a valuable insight regarding the influence of restraining compensatory movements to improve motor performances. We(More)
Current imaging modalities are unable to detect small liver metastases because of limited resolution and contrast differentiation. The association between liver metastases and altered liver blood flow has been demonstrated by dynamic scintigraphy, but the clinical feasibility of this test has been questioned. In this study a novel approach to detecting(More)
Image-directed Doppler ultrasonography has been used to measure changes in hepatic arterial and portal venous blood flows in 22 controls and 88 patients with colorectal cancer. Doppler Perfusion Index, (DPI, ratio of hepatic arterial to total liver blood flow) and Doppler Flow Ratio (DFR, ratio of hepatic arterial to portal venous blood flow) of controls(More)
Previous studies have shown that overt intrahepatic tumours are associated with subtle changes in liver perfusion that can be measured directly using duplex colour Doppler sonography (DCDS). This study assessed the predictive value of DCDS in the early detection of occult colorectal hepatic metastases. Hepatic arterial and portal venous blood flow was(More)
In order to compare the influence of a single bout of exercise on HDL-C metabolism with normal variability, 12 male runners (mean age: 24.9 +/- 4 yr) who ran 15-30 miles per week underwent exercise (E) and control (C) experimental conditions. During the E trial subjects ran on a motor driven treadmill at 75% (42.5 +/- 4.7 ml.kg-1.min-1) VO2max until 800(More)
The effects of β-alanine supplementation on high-intensity cycling performance and capacity have been evaluated, although the effects on longer duration cycling performance are unclear. Nineteen UK category 1 male cyclists completed four 20 km cycling time trials, two before and two after supplementation with either 6.4 g•d β-alanine (n = 10; BA) or a(More)
Of a group of 55 thyrotoxic patients given therapeutic radio-iodine (131I), 24 were made euthyroid with carbimazole before131I: the remainder were given131I alone. Carbimazole was discontinued 5 days before131I was administered. By 3 months after131I treatment there was a greater incidence of hypothyroidism in the group given131I alone (42% vs 25%), but a(More)