Jacques Raynauld

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Large input currents can be generated by an asymmetry in the chloride activity seen by Ag-AgCl electrodes used at the input of intracellular amplifiers because offset compensation no longer takes place at the input of the amplifier but rather later in the circuit in many modern amplifiers. This situation occurs when chloride-free solution, such as potassium(More)
In the cone pedicules, the digitations of horizontal cell process lateral to the synaptic ribbon disappear after dark adaptation. This disappearance is correlated with the loss of color opponency and cone function shown in ganglion cell recordings in isolated retinas. Cone function and color-opponent responses are restored by reapplying background light.
A syllabus forms the structure of a course (or program) offering and is used to assemble its constituents. Course websites and LMS's, also contain similar information, and in some sense, are quite similar to course outlines or syllabi, and replicate some of the information that can also be found in administrative websites of universities. From a system(More)
UNLABELLED We determined if nurses can manage osteoporotic fractures in a fracture liaison service by asking a rheumatologist and an internist to assess their clinical decisions. Experts agreed on more than 94 % of all nurses' actions for 525 fragility fracture patients, showing that their management is efficient and safe. INTRODUCTION A major care gap(More)
Curriculum or program design has received considerable attention recently. The EQF initiative, the CDIO curriculum or other integrated program developments based on learning outcomes and/or competencies have increased the complexity of program design, appropriation, diffusion and implementation. Various model-based or standardized approaches have been(More)
Recent work on policy rules under uncertainty have highlighted the impact of output gap measurement errors on economic outcomes and their importance in the formulation of appropriate policy rules. This paper investigates the reliability of current estimates of the output gap in Canada. We begin by assembling a new data base of quarterly real-time output(More)
Daniel Racette and Jacques Raynauld are full professors at the Institut d'économie appliquée, École des Hautes Études Commerciales, in Montreal. At the time of writing Christian Sigouin was a graduate student. The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors, who undertook this work on contract, and should not be attributed to the Bank of Canada.(More)
As indicated by Becker and Watts (2001), teaching in economics and finance is still mostly done in a Chalk and Talk passive learning environment. This paper reports on an active, hands-on approach implemented for business students enrolled in an undergraduate course in options and futures at HEC Montréal. The proposed environment adapts and extends the(More)