Jacques Potin

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OBJECTIVE To study the circumstances of discovery and the prenatal outcome of sex hormone anomalies diagnosed by invasive prenatal techniques during pregnancy and analyze which factors could be implicated in the parents' choice to terminate or carry on with pregnancy. METHODS We reviewed retrospectively 47 cases of sex chromosome anomalies diagnosed and(More)
Small follicular or functional theca-lutein cysts are a common finding in fetal and neonatal ovaries. After delivery, decrease of hormonal stimulation may lead to spontaneous resolution of the cyst. A high rate of complication has been underlined by recent studies, the most common being ovarian torsion with subsequent loss of the ovary. Because torsion may(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate, for women with scared uterus, the mechanical cervical ripening with balloon catheter. METHODS We conducted a retrospective study of our practice of ripening for scared uterus from january 2010 to august 2012. Feasibility, Bishop's score, birth modalities and complications for mothers and babies during this ripening were studied. (More)
OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY To evaluate the outcome of fetal ovarian cysts in relation to their ultrasonic appearance and size. To define, on that basis, the contribution of intrauterine aspiration. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective study of all ovarian fetal cysts detected by prenatal ultrasound examination (n = 25) during a 4 year period. All these cysts(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this paper is to review available data regarding the management of delivery in intra uterine growth retarded fetuses and try to get recommendations for clinical obstetrical practice. MATERIALS AND METHODS Bibliographic research performed by consulting PubMed database and recommendations from scientific societies with the following(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the statistical association, in nulliparous patients, between maternal and fetal morbidity and the length of the second stage of labour. To precise whether a prolongation of this period of more than 2h may results in a dramatic increase of this morbidity. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective cohort study conducted in a level III(More)
Fetal intrapericardial teratomas are uncommon and usually benign. Their histology is the same as that of teratomas located elsewhere. They may cause death from non-immune hydrops fetalis and cardiac tamponade. We report a case that was successfully managed prenatally by placement of a pericardial amniotic shunt.
OBJECTIVES To assess the impact of an information leaflet on the behavior and knowledge of pregnant women about the risks of HIV infection during pregnancy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Comparative prospective study conducted in two phases from March 1 to September 30, 2007 on patients presenting for the first time in antenatal care at the Maternity Hospital of(More)