Jacques Pivette

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Zolpidem and zopiclone are two widely used non-benzodiazepine hypnotics whose usage seems to be associated to pharmacodependence. However, to our knowledge, there has as yet been no published epidemiological study which has compared their abuse or dependence potential. We used a pharmacoepidemiological approach to identify and characterise zolpidem and(More)
The authors present a pharmaco-epidemiological method for the characterization of drug overconsumption. Using the database of a French regional health insurance office, a comparison was made between patients receiving doses higher than recommended and all patients receiving normal doses of two antidepressant drugs (tianeptine and milnacipran). Logistic(More)
France has one of the highest recorded rates of psychotropic use of drugs compared with other European countries, especially for anxiolytics, hypnotics and antidepressants. The aim of this study was to characterize the use of three psychotropic drugs among the most prescribed in France (bromazepam, paroxetine, zolpidem) using reimbursement databases in(More)
OBJECTIVE evaluate the impact of Health Authorities' communication on medical practices through 2 examples: celecoxib, taking into account the recent countra indication related to cardio vascular risks; pergolide, taking into account the risk of cardiac valvulopathy. MATERIAL AND METHOD Use of the Pays de Loire Health Insurance Administration data base to(More)
GOAL Make it possible to spot falsified prescriptions which were delivered and reimbursed. METHOD 1- Use health insurance administration data bases to single patients liable to suspicion of fraud (repeated presentations of the same prescription to several pharmacies the same day) 2- Attribution of a diagnosis of fraud, by the CEIP (Center of Evaluation(More)
BACKGROUND Guidelines suggest a review of hypnotic prescriptions every four weeks for zopiclone, zolpidem and zaleplon ('Z-drugs'). The lack of face-to-face consultation between the physician and the patient increases the potential of misuse and resultant dependence. OBJECTIVES To determine the proportion of long-term hypnotic Z-drug prescription issued(More)
INTRODUCTION Anemia occurs commonly in COPD and is associated with a poor prognosis. The role of comorbidities in this is suspected but poorly characterized and the economic implications of anemia combined with COPD in France have not been studied. The healthcare resource utilization and cost impact of anemia remain to be investigated. METHODS One hundred(More)
AIM Anticoagulants (AVK) are frequently responsible for iatrogenic accidents leading to hospitalisation. Antibiotics (ATB) are likely to interact with AVK. The aim of this study was to assess if Loire region practitioners complied with the French agency for the safety of health products (AFSSAPS) recommendations for AVK/ATB association. METHOD Two(More)
OBJECTIVE The study objective was to measure the rates of inclusion of populations at risk of advanced melanoma in a pilot targeted screening project involving general practitioners. DESIGN This cross-sectional database study compared the inclusion rates of patients who signed inclusion in a targeted screening project with those of patients who did not,(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies analysing the trends in antipsychotic (AP) prescriptions for children and adolescents have raised concerns regarding the influence of socioeconomic status. Previous findings have also shown variable prescription rates for first-generation (FG) and second-generation (SG) APs. METHOD Our objectives were to assess the proportion of(More)