Jacques Perronnet

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Organizations rely on the logic embedded in their Information Systems for their daily operations. This logic implements the business rules in place in the organization, which must be continuously adapted in response to market changes. Unfortunately, this evolution implies understanding and evolving also the underlying software components enforcing those(More)
In order to react to the ever-changing market, every organization needs to periodically reevaluate and evolve its company policies. These policies must be enforced by its Information System (IS) by means of a set of business rules that drive the system behavior and data. Clearly, policies and rules must be aligned at all times but unfortunately this is a(More)
This paper presents a Business Rule Extraction tool for COBOL systems. Starting from a COBOL program, we derive a model-based representation of the source code and we provide a set of model transformations to identify and visualize the embedded business rules. In particular, the tool facilitates the definition of an application vocabulary and the(More)
The presence of an oximino group on the methylene of the (2-aminothiazol 4-yl)-acetyl side chain bound to the 7-amino cephalosporanic acid affords derivatives with syn or anti configuration. Whereas the anti isomers display low antibiotic activities, the syn isomers possess a surprising high efficiency against gram negative bacteria, enhanced a factor of 10(More)
The important structural feature of the new cephalosporin derivative, cefotaxime, is the conjunction in the acetyl side - chain of the aminothiazolyl ring and the - syn - methoxyimino group. The aminothiazoloacetyl side - chain improves antibacterial properties against Gram negative bacilli, while the adjunction of the methoxyimino substituent is(More)
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