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Direct analysis of particulate suspensions with inertia using the discrete Boltzmann equation, The multiphase particle-in-cell (MP-PIC) method for dense particulate flows. Int. Derivation of constitutive equations for interfacial force and Reynolds stress for a suspension of spheres using ensemble averaging. Chem Eng. R. A. Bagnold. Fluid forces on a body(More)
A multiobjective multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) of two-dimensional airfoil is presented. In this paper, an approximation for the Pareto set of optimal solutions is obtained by using a genetic algorithm (GA). The rst objective function is the drag coeecient. As a constraint, it is required that the lift coeecient is above a given value. The CFD(More)
Adapted hybrid prismatic-tetrahedral grid about a hemisphere. (b) Surface Mach contours on the symmetry plane for supersonic laminar ow (M 1 = 1:4, Re = 1000) 128]. 37 Figure 8. Comparison of various discretization methods for the circular advection problem 13]. (a) Grid used for the two-dimensional advection equation. (b) Piecewise-constant nite-volume(More)
New high order implicit-explicit Runge-Kutta methods have been developed and implemented into a finite volume code to solve the Navier-Stokes equations for reacting gas mixtures. The resulting nonlinear systems in each stage are solved by Newton's method. If only the chemistry is treated implicitly, the linear systems in each Newton iteration are simple and(More)
Evolutionary Algorithms are often presented as general purpose search methods. Yet, we also know that no search method is better than another over all possible problems and that in fact there is often a good deal of problem speciic information involved in the choice of problem representation and search operators. In this paper we explore some very general(More)
A new constraint-handling method based on Pareto-optimality concept for multi-objective multi-constraint design optimization problems has been proposed. The proposed method does not need any constants to be tuned for constraint handling. In addition, the present method does not use weighted-sum of constraints and thus does not need tuning of weight(More)