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Psychological stress contributes to the development of clinical depression. This has prompted many preclinical studies to investigate the neurobiology of this relationship, however, the effects of stress on glia remain unclear. In this study, we wished to determine, first, how exposure to chronic psychological stress affects microglial activity within the(More)
Finite element numerical simulations were carried out in 2D geometries to map the magnetic field and force distribution produced by rectangular permanent magnets as a function of their size and position with respect to a microchannel. A single magnet, two magnets placed in attraction and in repulsion have been considered. The goal of this work is to show(More)
Magnetism-based microsystems, as those dedicated to immunoaffinity separations or (bio)chemical reactions, take benefit of the large surface area-to-volume ratio provided by the immobilized magnetic beads, thus increasing the sensitivity of the analysis. As the sensitivity is directly linked to the efficiency of the magnetic bead capture, this paper(More)
1 C C C I I I N N N 4 4 4 : : : a a a s s s o o o f f f t t t w w w a a a r r r e e e t t t o e e a a a c c c t t t i i i o o o n n n s s s a a a t t t a a a r r r e e e a a a c c c t t t o o o r r r s s s c c c a a a l l l e e e b b b a a a s s s e e e d d d o o o n n n a a a m m m i i i c c c r r r o o o-m m me e e s s s o o o-m m m a a a c c c r(More)
Understanding the industrial reactors behavior is a difficult task in the case of solid state reactions such as solid-gas reactions. Indeed the solid phase is a granular medium through which circulate gaseous reactants and products. The properties of such a medium are modified in space and time due to reactions occurring at a microscopic scale. The(More)
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