Jacques Lamothe

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Mediation Information System Engineering project is starting its third iteration (MISE 3.0). The main objective of this paper is to introduce that version. MISE 3.0 aims at defining and designing a platform, dedicated to detect, initiate and support any collaboration opportunity among potential partners (obviously based on results inherited from MISE 1.0(More)
Quality control lead times are one of most significant causes of loss of time in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. This is partly due to the organization of laboratories that feature parallel multipurpose machines for chromatographic analyses. The testing process requires long setup times and operators are needed to launch the process. The(More)
Supply chain demand is often prone to fluctuations and instability. Known as the 'bullwhip effect', small variations in end-item demand create order and inventory oscillations that amplify from a downstream site to an upstream site. Applying a risk analysis approach, and assuming the bullwhip phenomenon as a constant reality, this paper will present the(More)