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Mediation Information System Engineering project is starting its third iteration (MISE 3.0). The main objective of this paper is to introduce that version. MISE 3.0 aims at defining and designing a platform, dedicated to detect, initiate and support any collaboration opportunity among potential partners (obviously based on results inherited from MISE 1.0(More)
Quality control lead times are one of most significant causes of loss of time in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. This is partly due to the organization of laboratories that feature parallel multipurpose machines for chromatographic analyses. The testing process requires long setup times and operators are needed to launch the process. The(More)
During the winter, snowfalls may occur, producing potential problems for traffic management. These road crises might be reduced setting up a collaborative network of heterogeneous actors aiming to solve this critical situation. Because crises deal with a lot of information, an Information Decision Support System might be deployed. Our point of view is to(More)
The French project OpenPaaS aims at providing a social platform to help companies initiating and managing their collaborations. Nowadays, data exchange is no sufficient and collaborations need to be supported for every interaction between the actors of the collaboration. This paper concerns a PaaS in charge of supporting the deduction of collaborative(More)
The purpose of this paper is, on the one hand, to identify to define and classify customization requirements and, on the other hand, to evaluate how generic modeling and configuration assistance within the Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) framework can fulfil the requirements. The aim is to provide commercial configurator knowledge base designers with(More)
This paper deals with a result of a French funded project named SIMPeTra that aims at designing an agile decision support system for road crisis management. This collaborative system helps crisis cell stakeholders by providing a tool able to support decision considering the current and the awaited crisis situation. The SIMPeTra system offers a way for(More)