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A prospective study was undertaken in 606 healthy women during pregnancy to evaluate the changes occurring in maternal thyroid economy as a result of 1) the increased thyroid hormone-binding capacity of serum, 2) the effects of increased levels of hCG on TSH and on the thyroid, and 3) a marginally low iodine intake in the population (50-75 micrograms/day).(More)
One hundred and eighty euthyroid pregnant women were selected at the end of the first trimester of gestation on the basis of biochemical criteria of excessive thyroid stimulation, defined as supranormal serum thyroglobulin (TG > 20 micrograms/L) associated with a low normal free T4 index (< 1.23) and/or an increased T3/T4 ratio (> 25 x 10(-3)). Women were(More)
A prospective study was undertaken during pregnancy in 120 euthyroid women presenting with mild thyroid abnormalities (TA): 11 with a past history of thyroid disorder, 44 with goiter, 20 with nodules, and 45 with thyroid autoantibodies. The aims of the study were to assess whether the pattern of thyroid alterations during gestation was different in women(More)
The aim of this paper was to determine the reproducibility (precision) of technetium-99m mercaptoacetyltriglycine (MAG3) clearance and to compare it with that of chromium-51 ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA). Twelve young volunteers (aged between 21 and 34 years), without any history of medical problems, were enrolled in this study. The test was(More)
A prospective study was undertaken in 87 healthy pregnant women with thyroid antibodies and normal thyroid function at initial presentation [asymptomatic autoimmune thyroid disorders (AITD)]. The aims of the study were to assess whether women with AITD constitute a group at risk of developing subclinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy, and whether a mild(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the precision and accuracy of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) for measuring bone mineral content at different sites of the skeleton in rats. In vitro the reproducibility error was very small (<1%), but in vivo the intra-observer variability ranged from 0.9% to 6.0%. Several factors have been shown to affect in(More)
An often encountered assumption is that non-relieved renal obstruction will lead soon or late to progressive deterioration of the renal function. The effect of non-relieved partial ureteral obstruction on the separate glomerular filtration rate (SGFR) was studied throughout the whole life of a series of rats, who were submitted at the age of 3 months to(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the variability of the Patlak-Rutland slope as applied to the renal clearance method. We analysed the 99Tcm-mercaptoacetyltriglycine renograms of 17 non-selected patients (both children and adults, number of kidneys = 34) with a single kidney glomerular filtration rate of 6-73 ml min-1 1.73 m-2. the acquisition time for(More)
It has been suggested that a prolonged course of hyperfiltration could lead to progressive deterioration of renal function. In order to test this hypothesis, the following protocol was applied to 60 male Wistar rats. At 12 weeks of life, the rats were submitted to a surgical procedure: sham operation (25 rats), unilateral nephrectomy (25 rats) or 3/4(More)