Jacques Julliand

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This experience was lead at the Laboratoire Informatique de Besançon and its aim was the modeling and verification of the RUBIS kernel, a multitasking multiprocessor operating system. An other aim of this study was to find out a method to formalize and to verify such systems. The first results are given. A modeling approach is used and we formalize the(More)
This paper is about generating security tests, in addition to functional tests previously generated by a model-based testing approach. The method that we present re-uses the functional model and the adaptation layer developed for the functional testing, and relies on an additional security model. We propose to compute the tests by using some test purposes(More)
Dwyer et al. define a language to specify dynamic properties based on predefined patterns and scopes. To define a property, the user has to choose a pattern and a scope among a limited number of them. Dwyer et al. define the semantics of these properties by translating each composition of a pattern and a scope into usual temporal logics (LTL, CTL, etc.).(More)
Static checking is key for the security of software components. As a component model, this paper considers a Java class enriched with annotations from the Java modelling language (JML). It defines a formal execution semantics for repetitive method invocations from this annotated class, called the class in isolation semantics. Afterwards, a pattern of(More)
We propose in the paper a test property specification language, dedicated to UML/OCL models. This language is intended to express temporal properties on the executions of the system, that one wants to test. It is based on patterns, specifying the behaviours one wants to exhibit/avoid, and scopes, defining the piece of execution trace on which a given(More)
This paper presents our ongoing work on a tool prototype called SANTE (Static ANalysis andTEsting), implementing a combination of static analysis and structural program testing for detection of run-time errors in C programs. First, a static analysis tool (Frama-C) is called to generate alarms when it cannot ensure the absence of run-time errors. Second,(More)
We present in this article a way to produce test suites applied to the POSIX mini-challenge based on a behavioral model of a file system manager written in UML/OCL. We illustrate the limitations of a fully automated test generation approach, which justifies the use of test scenarios as a complement to a functional testing approach. Scenarios are expressed(More)
This paper proposes a way to verify temporal properties of a Java class in an extension of JML (Java Modeling Language) called JTPL (Java Temporal Pattern Language). We particularly address the verification of <i>liveness</i> properties by automatically translating the temporal properties into JML annotations for this class. This automatic translation is(More)