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This paper examines the possibility of providing a unified account of the projection properties of presuppositions, conventional and conversational implicatures. I discuss the solution offered in (Roberts et al. 2009) and show that the central notion we need to cover the spectrum of observations is that of attachment.
Delattre (1966) proposed a classification of French basic melodic contours. He defined in particular 'major continuatives' as melodic rises that mark the frontier between higher constituents in a hierarchy of clausal and sentential constituents. Although Delattre's empirical basis for his classification has been discussed, there is a strong intuition that(More)
This paper explores several interrelated pragmatic issues connected to the (verbal and adjectival) passive and the periphrastic perfect tense. The language of investigation is Ger-man. In sections 1 and 2, I start with tense selection, as both verbal passives and Extended Now adverbs impose restrictions on the tenses they can co-occur with. While the(More)