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— Vision-based tracking is used in nearly all robotic laboratories for monitoring and extracting of agent positions, orientations, and trajectories. However, there is currently no accepted standard software solution available, so many research groups resort to developing and using their own custom software. In this paper, we present Version 4 of SwisTrack,(More)
— In the field of mobile robotics, trajectory details are seldom taken into account to qualify robot performance. Most metrics rely mainly on global results such as the total time needed or distance traveled to accomplish a given navigational task. Indeed, usually mobile roboticists assume that, by using appropriate navigation techniques, they can design(More)
In video surveillance and sports analysis applications, object trajectories offer the possibility of extracting rich information on the underlying behavior of the moving targets. To this end we introduce an extension of Point Distribution Models (PDM) to analyze the object motion in their spatial, temporal and spatiotemporal dimensions. These trajectory(More)
Press-fitting is a very common assembly process used in many fields, especially in the watchmaking industry. It consists of introducing a shaft in a hole (also called receptor) with a certain value of tightening (or interference). However, this process is not straightforward and it is often observed that some assemblies do not manage to hold out the time(More)