Jacques JDM van Lankveld

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In light of various shortcomings of the traditional nosology of women's sexual disorders for both clinical practice and research, an international multi-disciplinary group has reviewed the evidence for traditional assumptions about women's sexual response. It is apparent that fullfilment of sexual desire is an uncommon reason/incentive for sexual activity(More)
Sexual dysfunction is a prevalent, long-term complication of breast cancer and its treatment and can be treated effectively with face-to-face sexual counselling. However, relatively few women actually opt for face-to-face sex therapy, with many women indicating that it is too confronting. Internet-based interventions might be a less threatening and more(More)
BACKGROUND The capacity to form romantic relationships and sexual health of adolescents in the Netherlands are compromised by several factors, including young age of first intercourse and adolescent depression. Several thresholds like own expenses, trust and embarrassment prevent adolescents to seek help for their sexual problems. To overcome these(More)
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