Jacques Hellemans

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In a sample of 50 patients with primary breast cancer we obtained interviews, answers to questionnaires, blood samples, and reaction times on two stimulus discrimination tests on the day of admission to the hospital for a biopsy. Locus of control scores on Rotter's I-E Locus of Control Scale seemed to be directly associated with an indicator of depressed(More)
Rank correlations on latent inhibition learning among internal scorers versus external scorers on Rotter's I-E locus of control scale were compared between trial numbers and speed of correct reactions in a left- and in a right-hemispheric discrimination task. On the basis of previous research and theorizing reviewed by De Brabander, Boone, and Gerits (1992)(More)
We explored the relations among locus of control, sensation seeking, and stress (N = 68 students). Corroborating evidence was found that subjects with an external locus of control are more vulnerable to stress. Subjects scoring higher on the thrill and adventure seeking-dimension of sensation seeking reported less severe physical and psychological(More)
Rassembler la communauté internationale de recherche – des modèles pour accroître la visibilité et l'accès à l'information nationale et internationale en matière de recherche. Abstract: Au cours des sept dernières années, de nombreux progrès ont été réalisés démontrant les multiples avantages qu'offrent les publications électroniques aux chercheurs des pays(More)
Here we report data about the answers on the Hopkins Symptom Check List for 68 students who participated in an experiment. About random half of the subjects were submitted to sham physiological measurements, the others not. Scores on Rotter's I-E Locus of Control Scale were also available. Analysis indicated that sham physiological measurement treatment is(More)
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