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This study describes the development and validation of the Neuropathic Pain Symptom Inventory (NPSI), a new self-questionnaire specifically designed to evaluate the different symptoms of neuropathic pain. Following a development phase and a pilot study, we generated a list of descriptors reflecting spontaneous ongoing or paroxysmal pain, evoked pain (i.e.(More)
Memory deficits in chronic pain patients are frequently observed. The objective of this study was to explore memory performances of chronic pain patients by using the Process Dissociation Procedure developed by Jacoby (J. Mem. Lang. 30 (1991) 513). This procedure permits to separate the contribution of controlled processes from automatic processes operating(More)
Evidence exists that chronic pain partially consumes the limited attentional resources, with the consequence that controlled processes sustaining cognitive tasks are affected and that automatic processes are preserved. Fibromyalgia syndrome is consistently rated as more severe than other chronic painful conditions. It is assumed here that fibromyalgia is(More)
This study examines the selective impact of chronic pain on memory functioning in a recognition task. Thirty chronic pain patients and 30 healthy control subjects performed a yes-no word recognition test. The contribution of recollection and familiarity to both groups' performance was compared by means of the Remember/Know (R/K) procedure, which(More)
Most medical doctors close a consultation by a drug prescription, even if some doubts exist about the treatment efficacy. The aim of this paper is to open a discussion on the questions underlying this urge to prescribe and to make some proposals for the clinical practice. Firstly, the psychosocial factors which may question the relevance of the prescription(More)
Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are clinical conditions different but they share common components, particularly multifactorial aetiology. High level of action proneness and "overactive" lifestyle can be considered as predisposing risk factors and perpetuating factors for these somatic functional syndromes. For the clinicians managing complex(More)
This article discusses the potentially deleterious influence of opioids on cognitive functioning in chronic pain patients. Under stable doses of opioids, cognitive performances in patients are not inferior to those observed in healthy controls. During initialisation and/or adaptation of opioid treatment, a transient inferiority of cognitive performances is(More)
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