Jacques Ghysdael

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Coordinated recombination of homologous antigen receptor loci is thought to be important for allelic exclusion. Here we show that homologous immunoglobulin alleles pair in a stage-specific way that mirrors the recombination patterns of these loci. The frequency of homologous immunoglobulin pairing was much lower in the absence of the RAG-1-RAG-2 recombinase(More)
The p16INK4a-RB pathway plays a critical role in preventing inappropriate cell proliferation and is often targeted by viral oncoproteins during immortalization. Latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1) of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is often present in EBV-associated proliferative diseases and is critical for the immortalizing and transforming activity of EBV. Unlike(More)
Lymphocytes regulate their responsiveness to IL-2 through the transcriptional control of the IL-2R alpha gene, which encodes a component of the high affinity IL-2 receptor. In the mouse IL-2R alpha gene this control is exerted via two regulatable elements, a promoter proximal region, and an IL-2-responsive enhancer (IL-2rE) 1.3 kb upstream. In vitro and in(More)
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