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The efficacy of 40 h of perceptual-motor training among a group of culturally disadvantaged kindergarten children was investigated. The training procedures produced a significant improvement in perceptual-motor abilities such that each group was raised to a "non-dysfunctioning" level as evaluated by the Rosner-Richman Perceptual Motor Survey. In terms of(More)
This paper presents a model of persistency for the Eiiel language and its implementation by FLOO system. This model supports in a transparent way a \contagious" and incremental handling of persistency within a transactional framework. After having deened the context and the constraints of the modelization which had been retained, we present main(More)
  • J A Farr
  • 1980
The aim of the following experiments is to identify and to describe those factors most probably important in determining reproductive success in male Girardinus metallicus and to investigate how competition among juveniles affects these characters. The quantitative relationships among male size, male aggressiveness, and male sexual activity are examined.(More)
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