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Natural compound eyes combine small eye volumes with a large field of view at the cost of comparatively low spatial resolution. For small invertebrates such as flies or moths, compound eyes are the perfectly adapted solution to obtaining sufficient visual information about their environment without overloading their brains with the necessary image(More)
We present <i>PiCam</i> (Pelican Imaging Camera-Array), an ultra-thin high performance monolithic camera array, that captures light fields and synthesizes high resolution images along with a range image (scene depth) through integrated parallax detection and superresolution. The camera is passive, supporting both stills and video, low light capable, and(More)
Wafer Level Cameras (WLC) are a novel technology to manufacture low-cost CMOS cameras for mobile phones. The optical components are fabricated on glass wafers by microlens imprint lithography using a SUSS MicroTec mask aligner. Opto-Wafers and the CMOS-Wafer are mounted by Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP). A technology overview and recent trends will be(More)
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