Jacques Donzé

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IMPORTANCE Because effective interventions to reduce hospital readmissions are often expensive to implement, a score to predict potentially avoidable readmissions may help target the patients most likely to benefit. OBJECTIVE To derive and internally validate a prediction model for potentially avoidable 30-day hospital readmissions in medical patients(More)
IMPORTANCE Identification of patients at a high risk of potentially avoidable readmission allows hospitals to efficiently direct additional care transitions services to the patients most likely to benefit. OBJECTIVE To externally validate the HOSPITAL score in an international multicenter study to assess its generalizability. DESIGN, SETTING, AND(More)
BACKGROUND Programs that train health professionals to identify and treat battered women have not previously incorporated systematically obtained advice from battered women to guide physician behavior. OBJECTIVES To survey battered women to (1) rate the desirability of specific physician behaviors, (2) describe their actual experiences with physicians(More)
BACKGROUND The risk of falls is the most commonly cited reason for not providing oral anticoagulation, although the risk of bleeding associated with falls on oral anticoagulants is still debated. We aimed to evaluate whether patients on oral anticoagulation with high falls risk have an increased risk of major bleeding. METHODS We prospectively studied(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical scores may help physicians to better assess the individual risk/benefit of oral anticoagulant therapy. We aimed to externally validate and compare the prognostic performance of 7 clinical prediction scores for major bleeding events during oral anticoagulation therapy. METHODS We followed 515 adult patients taking oral anticoagulants to(More)
PURPOSE Patient satisfaction is increasingly recognized as an important component of quality. The expansion of health information technologies (HIT) might have an impact on patient satisfaction - either positively or negatively. We conducted a literature review to explore the impact of these technologies on patient satisfaction. METHODS The database of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the primary diagnoses and patterns of 30 day readmissions and potentially avoidable readmissions in medical patients with each of the most common comorbidities. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Academic tertiary medical centre in Boston, 2009-10. PARTICIPANTS 10,731 consecutive adult discharges from a medical(More)
OBJECTIVE The study objective was to compare the 30-day readmission rate and mortality between patients with heart failure who have persistent hyponatremia during hospitalization and patients who have their admission hyponatremia corrected before discharge. METHODS This large retrospective cohort study included all adult patients admitted with a diagnosis(More)
BACKGROUND although the benefits of quitting smoking even at an advanced age have been proved, few campaigns target the older population. The goals of this study were to analyse the characteristics of older women smokers help and support those wanting to quit. METHODS we assessed the determinants of smoking cessation in a prospective cohort study(More)
Although associated with adverse outcomes in other cardiopulmonary diseases, limited evidence exists on the prognostic value of anaemia in patients with acute pulmonary embolism (PE). We sought to examine the associations between anaemia and mortality and length of hospital stay in patients with PE. We evaluated 14,276 patients with a primary diagnosis of(More)