Jacques Darriet

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The electrochemical cycling in a sodium battery of the lamellar oxide NaVO(2) is reversible in the Na(x)VO(2) composition range 1/2 ≤ x ≤ 1. The complex electrochemical curve reveals the presence of several transitions taking place during deintercalation. With the help of in situ X-ray diffraction, we observed the structural transitions taking place between(More)
Layered oxides are the subject of intense studies either for their properties as electrode materials for high-energy batteries or for their original physical properties due to the strong electronic correlations resulting from their unique structure. Here we present the detailed phase diagram of the layered P2-Na(x)VO(2) system determined from(More)
The layered P2-K4Co7O14 oxide has been prepared and characterized by means of X-ray diffraction, electrical conductivity, thermopower, and magnetic measurements. The crystal structure of K4Co7O14 (P6(3)/m space group, Z=2, a=7.5171(1) A, and c=12.371(1) A) consists of a stacking of slabs of edge-shared CoO6 octahedra with K+ ions occupying ordered positions(More)
In this paper we report the crystal growth, structure determination, and magnetic properties of the 2H-perovskite related oxides, Sr(5)Co(4)O(12) and Sr(6)Co(5)O(15), as well as the charge disproportionation and associated phase transition of Sr(5)Co(4)O(12). Sr(5)Co(4)O(12) and Sr(6)Co(5)O(15) are the (m = 2, n = 3) and (m = 1, n = 1) members of the(More)
A new solid solution Pb(3-x)Bi(2x/3)V(2)O(8) (0.20 < or = x < or = 0.50), stabilizing the high-temperature gamma form of Pb(3)V(2)O(8), has been isolated in the system Pb(3)V(2)O(8)-BiVO(4). The single-crystal structure of the composition x = 0.50 (Pb(2.5)Bi(1/3)V(2)O(8)) was solved using single-crystal X-ray diffraction (XRD) technique. The compound(More)
A new layered phase Na(0.60)VO(2) was synthesized by chemical deintercalation of sodium from the pristine compound O3-NaVO(2). The Na(0.60)VO(2) compound exhibits a distorted P'3-type oxygen stacking (AABBCC) with an average monoclinic unit cell containing a = 4.9862(14) A, b = 2.8708(8) A, c = 5.917(2) A, and beta = 104.36(3) degrees. A modulated structure(More)
Single crystals of two new barium rhodates were grown from a molten potassium carbonate flux. The new rhodates, Ba(11)Rh(10)O(30) and Ba(32)Rh(29)O(87), are structurally related to the 2H-hexagonal perovskite structure and are characterized by pseudo one-dimensional chains of alternating face-sharing trigonal prisms and octahedra. The structures of(More)
Single crystals of two new osmium-containing triple perovskites, Ba(3)LiOs(2)O(9) and Ba(3)NaOs(2)O(9), were grown from reactive molten hydroxide fluxes in sealed silver tubes. They crystallize in the space group P6(3)/mmc with lattice parameters of a = 5.8025(1) A, c = 14.1468(4) A for Ba(3)LiOs(2)O(9) and a = 5.8858(1) A, c = 14.3451(5) A for(More)
A new ternary ruthenium oxide Na(2)RuO(4) was prepared and shown to crystallize with a new structure type. Single crystal X-ray diffraction measurements reveal that Na(2)RuO(4) consists of RuO(4) chains made up of RuO(5) trigonal bipyramids by sharing axial corners. Na(2)RuO(4) is a magnetic semiconductor with a variable range hopping behavior, and its(More)
A new magnetic oxide, CuMnVO4, was prepared, and its crystal structure was determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The magnetic properties of CuMnVO4 were characterized by magnetic susceptibility and specific heat measurements, and the spin exchange interactions of CuMnVO4 were analyzed on the basis of spin-polarized electronic band structure(More)