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In order to characterize the pharmacological profile of the different chemical classes of pyridobenzazepine derivatives, a series of N-methylpiperazinopyrido[1,4]- and -[1,5]- benzoxa- and benzothiazepine derivatives were prepared. The affinities for D2, D1, 5-HT2, and cholinergic (M) receptors were measured. In comparison to dibenzazepine reference(More)
Collagenase (100 micrograms) induced a large plasma extravasation, during the first 15 min after its injection in rat paw, associated with the rapid development of oedema which subsided after 6 h. The extent of the oedema was similar in normal and kininogen-deficient rats. The swelling induced in normal rats was reduced by HOE 140(More)
  • J Damas
  • Archives of physiology and biochemistry
  • 1995
In the heat, rats produce a large flow of saliva that they spread on their fur. We have tested whether substance P (SP) is involved in this response by using RP 67580, a NK1 tachykinin receptor antagonist, in normal and in kininogen-deficient rats. In anaesthetized rats, the sialogogic effect of SP (1 and 5 micrograms.kg-1 iv) was inhibited by RP 67580 (50(More)
1. The influence of counter irritation by turpentine on carrageenan-oedema, leucocyte count, plasma kininogen stores and composition of sponge-induced exudates has been investigated in the rat. 2. Counter irritation reduced the carrageenan-oedema in normal as well as in adrenalectomized rats. It induced leucopenia with lymphopenia but did not modify the(More)
The interaction with monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) and B has been shown to be sensitive to the absolute configuration of molecules. Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare the effects of the racemic pirlindole (a selective and reversible MAO-A inhibitor) and its two enantiomers using biochemical techniques (in vitro and ex vivo determination of rat(More)
In the rat, intravenous injection of large doses (30 mg/Kg) of ellagic acid (EA) induced a decrease in the plasma level of fibrinogen and in the blood platelet content and an increase of the activated partial thromboplastin time. The long-lasting thrombocytopenia was inhibited by heparin (4 mg/Kg), defibrase (20 U/Kg), clocoumarol (4 mg/Kg) and CCI 17810(More)
Clozapine has a more marked affinity for the recently cloned dopamine D4 receptor than for the dopamine D2 receptor. In the search for a selective ligand for the dopamine D4 receptor, useful as a pharmacological tool or as a potent atypical antipsychotic, a pyridobenzodiazepine derivative bioisoster of clozapine, JL 18,(More)
The involvement of bradykinin and some other inflammatory mediators in formalin-induced oedema and plasma extravasation was examined. Formalin was injected in rat paws at two doses, 1.75% or 5%. The lower dose induced the development of an immediate oedema associated with a progressive accumulation of 125I-labelled albumin in the paws. These changes were(More)
In 1979, we found a strain of kininogen-deficient Brown Norway rats. Since then, several studies have used these animals as negative controls of the involvement of the kinin system in physiological and pathophysiological processes. The cause of this deficiency has now been elucidated. This article reviews studies performed with these kininogen-deficient(More)