Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere

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The CARRIOCAS project studies and implements a high-bit-rate optical network (up to 40Gb/s per wavelength) to enable high-performance applications in numerical design, virtual prototyping and scientific research to access to shared high capacity computing and storage resource. The project researches cover optical components and systems, network architecture(More)
Modern disks are very large (SSDs, HDDs) and their capacities will certainly increase in the future. Storage systems use an important number of such devices to compose storage pools and fulfil the storage capacity demands. The result is a higher probability of a failure and a longer reconstruction duration. Consequently, the whole system is penalized as the(More)
Actual storage systems are very large, with complex and distributed architectural configurations, composed of various technologies devices. However, simulation, analysis and evaluation tools in the literature do not handle this complex design and these heterogeneous components. This paper presents OGSSim (Open and Generic Storage systems Simulation tool): a(More)
Storage systems capacity provided by data centers do not cease to increase, currently reaching the exabyte scale using thousands of disks. In this way, the question of the resiliency of such systems becomes critical, to avoid data loss and reduce the impact of the reconstruction process on the data access time. We propose SD2S, a method to create a(More)
Using simulation to study the behavior of large-scale data storage systems becomes capital to predict the performance and the reliability of any of them at a lower cost. This helps to take the right decisions before the system development and deployment. OGSSim is a simulation tool for large and heterogeneous storage systems that uses parallelism to provide(More)
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