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PURPOSE Psychosexual adjustment, sexual functioning and genital appraisal were studied in adult hypospadias patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 73 hypospadias patients and 50 comparison subjects received a semi-structured interview. RESULTS More hypospadias patients (32.8%) than comparison subjects (12.8%) had been inhibited in seeking sexual(More)
PURPOSE We studied the psychosexual adjustment, sexual behavior and genital appraisal of 9 to 18-year-old hypospadias patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS We interviewed 116 hypospadias patients and 88 comparison subjects in a semi-structured manner. RESULTS Hypospadias patients had a more negative genital appraisal and anticipated more ridicule by a partner(More)
A macro- and/or microscopical study on the normal and abnormal development of the forebrain with the eyes, nose, and cranium, was performed in 139 mouse embryos, 120 normal and 19 abnormal human embryos and fetuses, and in about 2,300 human skulls. The results suggest that from the embryological point of view, a distinction should be made between facial(More)
In this paper, a review is given of the conditions that should be fulfilled for optimal eyelid reconstruction and of the principles on which modern techniques are based. A new approach to upper-eyelid reconstruction using a bipedicled flap from the lower eyelid that is lined with a mucosal graft but has no cartilaginous support is described. Also introduced(More)
The presence of a nasal hemangioma may have a severe negative effect on the personality of a child. Early surgery in the involution phase has proved to be beneficial in this respect. The treatment of a consecutive series of nine patients who had surgery shortly after they were first seen for consultation is discussed. An extended rhinotomy (L-approach) was(More)
Thirty-one patients who had undergone digital replantation or revascularization volunteered to participate in a study of the acute effect of smoking on the microcirculation of the skin of replanted fingers. Fourteen were smokers and 17 were nonsmokers at the time of the study. Blood flow was assessed by means of the laser Doppler flowmeter under standard(More)
Modern views on embryology have increased our understanding of the nature of oblique facial clefts. The anomalies that have their origin at the junction of facial processes, such as the nasomaxillary dysplasias, may be named primary clefts or transformation. The maxillary clefts that are due to a developmental arrest of the skeleton are in fact secondary(More)
The radial forearm flap or 'Chinese' flap, originally used as a fasciocutaneous flap based on the radial artery, is extremely versatile and can be employed as free vascularized or island flap with or without skin, vascularized nerve, tendons or bone. The radial forearm flap was performed in 21 patients (16 free and 5 as a distally based island flap) for(More)