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BACKGROUND In 2004, level I evidence was established for the postoperative adjuvant treatment of patients with selected high-risk locally advanced head and neck cancers, with the publication of the(More)
PURPOSE Dysphagia is a debilitating complication in head and neck cancer patients (HNCPs) that may cause a high mortality rate for aspiration pneumonia. The aims of this paper were to summarize the(More)
5508 Background: Data from 5 phase II studies support the notion that T may add to the efficacy of PF in LA-SCCHN (Posner et al. ASCO 20: 203b, 2001). Based on our phase I-II experience with TPF(More)
PURPOSE A three-step phase I/II trial associating accelerated radiotherapy with carbogen (step 1, ARCO), with nicotinamide (step 2, ARN), or with both (step 3, ARCON) was conducted, the aim of which(More)