Jacques Baranger

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AIMS To determine the medical practices and expectations of general practitioners concerning screening and management of hepatitis C in the Auvergne region. METHODS A survey was sent by mail to 250 general practitioners. They were then contacted by telephone interviews. RESULTS 94% of general practitioners answered the survey. Each physician diagnosed(More)
We consider the numerical approximation of a first order steady-state convective problem by the method of characteristics with pseudo-time step k and P r discontinuous finite elements on a mesh T h. We show, when the entry flow field is Ω filling and under a technical hypothesis, the existence and the uniqueness for the continuous and the discrete(More)
In this paper, we present a family of domain decomposition based on an Aitken like acceleration of the Schwarz method seen as an iterative procedure with linear rate of convergence. This paper is a generalization of the method first introduced at the 12 International Conference on Domain Decomposition that was restricted to regular Cartesian grids. The(More)