Jacques Baranger

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AIMS To determine the medical practices and expectations of general practitioners concerning screening and management of hepatitis C in the Auvergne region. METHODS A survey was sent by mail to 250 general practitioners. They were then contacted by telephone interviews. RESULTS 94% of general practitioners answered the survey. Each physician diagnosed(More)
The stochastic nature of cavitation implies visualization of the cavitation cloud in real-time and in a discriminative manner for the safe use of focused ultrasound therapy. This visualization is sometimes possible with standard echography, but it strongly depends on the quality of the scanner, and is hindered by difficulty in discriminating from highly(More)
(and Introduction) In this paper, we present a family of domain decomposition based on Aitken like acceleration of the Schwarz method seen as an iterative procedure with linear rate of convergence. This paper is a generalization of the method first introduced in Garbey and Tromeur-Dervout [2001] that was restricted to Cartesian grids. The general idea is to(More)
In this paper we develop and analyse a new a posteriori error estimator for general Friedrichs' systems valid for most classical nite element approximations. This error estimator is based on comparison between an appropriate norm of the exact error, and the L 2-norm of the residuals of the approximate solution. We prove that the estimator is independent of(More)