Jacques-Antoine Raust

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The free-radical copolymerisation of various acrylates and methacrylates resulting in complex copolymers for cosmetic applications were investigated using different chromatographic techniques including HPLC and on-line coupled two-dimensional (2D) liquid chromatography. The complete separation of all polymerisation products was achieved by gradient HPLC. A(More)
The free-radical dispersion polymerization of methyl acrylate (MA) in isododecane was carried out in the presence of a poly(2-ethylhexyl acrylate) macromolecular RAFT (reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer) agent bearing a trithiocarbonate reactive group in the middle of the chain (P2EHA-TTC). The presence of the trithiocarbonate function was(More)
On the basis of a review of 186 cases of carcinoma of the kidney studied by arteriography in the Department of Radiology for Diseases of the Urinary Tract at Necker Hospital, the authors drew the following conclusions: 1. The diagnosis of carcinoma could be affirmed in the very great majority of cases and suspected in the others. 2. There were no instances(More)
The authors studied the validity of Wolf and Dorph's test (increase in size of the kidney with increased diuresis) performed during intravenous urography in hypertensive patients. The technical procedure is described, and the results reported: 1 032 kidneys were measured, of which 84 had been also examined by arteriography. The results are analyzed and(More)
Intravenous pyelography remains the basic examination in the study of the child with lumbar trauma. This examination has its limits, however, and renal arteriography may be necessary in a fair number of cases. Provided that adequate reflection is given and the appropriate moment chosen, it is well tolerated and provides all the necessary information.
The authors sought to determine what links existed between foetal vesico-ureteric reflux and renal dysplasia. Using sheep with operation upon the foetuses in utero, at a fairly early stage of gestation, the following were obtained: 1) Foetal vesico-ureteric reflux by unilateral excision of a ureteric meatus. 2) Stenosis of the foetal ureter by ligation. In(More)