Jacques A. Baart

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The aim of the present study was to evaluate the definition of oral leukoplakia, proposed by the WHO in 2005 and taking into account a previously reported classification and staging system, including the use of a Certainty factor of four levels with which the diagnosis of leukoplakia can be established. In the period 1997-2012 a hospital-based population of(More)
Temporary memory problems and aggravation of pre-existing memory disorders may occur after treatment under general anaesthesia. A frequency of postoperative cognition disorders between 10 and 50% has been identified in the literature. Risk factors for the occurrence of postoperative memory disorders are advanced age, low level of education, intellectual(More)
Patients with the Ellis-Van Creveld syndrome have a short stature. The extremities are often plump and markedly shortened, progressively from the trunk to the fingers and the toes. A bilateral postaxial sixth finger is frequent. The most striking and consistent finding in the mouth is fusion of the middle part of the upper lip to the labial sulcus,(More)
A pain impulse is transmitted in the thin nerves from nerve cell to nerve cell, by means of neurotransmitters and -modulators, shed in the synapses. In the dorsal horn of the spinal medulla the impulse is either or not allowed to travel to the brain by a 'gate control' mechanism, and pain may be felt. The gate is influenced by cells in the nearby situated(More)
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