Jacquelynn Burton

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Activation of the vascular endothelium is thought to be an important facet of inflammation, thrombosis, and vasculitis. Activated endothelial cells express a number of immunologically relevant surface markers not expressed by normal endothelial cells. Many of these surface antigens are thought to augment adhesion reactions and migration. Our results show(More)
1. The roles of the tissue kallikrein-kinin system and nitric oxide (NO) release in Phoneutria nigriventer venom-induced relaxations of rabbit corpus cavernosum (RbCC) smooth muscle have been investigated by use of a bioassay cascade. 2. Phoneutria nigriventer venom (10-30 micrograms), porcine pancreatic kallikrein (100 mu), rabbit urinary kallikrein (10(More)
Delta-like ligand 4 (Dll4)-Notch signaling is essential for T cell development and alternative thymic lineage decisions. How Dll4-Notch signaling affects pro-T cell fate and thymic dendritic cell (tDC) development is unknown. We found that Dll4 pharmacological blockade induces accumulation of tDCs and CD4(+)CD25(+)FoxP3(+) regulatory T cells (T(reg) cells)(More)
1. The Na, K, Ca, and Mg contents were determined in longitudinal smooth muscles of the guinea-pig ileum incubated in various physiological solutions with or without ouabain or in a solution containing LaCl(3) 10 mM instead of CaCl(2).2. The Na and K contents were dependent upon the K concentration of the physiological solution. A decrease in [K](o) below 6(More)