Jacquelyne S Chu

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Freshly isolated adult mdx and nondystrophic (C57B110SnJ) muscle fibers were used to examine the potential role of resting Ca2+ influx in the pathogenesis of Duchenne and related dystrophies. Microfluorimetric determinations of resting divalent cation influx were obtained from undissociated intact muscle fibers in the triangularis sterni (TS), a thin(More)
Transection of the gerbil's IXth nerve causes gustatory action potentials to decline in 1-6 h; the rate of decline is a linear function of the length of the nerve stump remaining attached to the tongue. To test the implication that taste discharge mechanisms depend upon axonal transport in the IXth nerve, we injected 40 nl of [3H]leucine into the petrosal(More)
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