Jacquelyn Nyange

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A study was conducted in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania to determine the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis and the risk factors associated with the occurrence of the disease in cattle of different categories and in different climatic zones. The overall prevalence of the disease was 13.2%, and 51% of the herds tested contained reactor cattle. Assessment(More)
BACKGROUND Female participants in AIDS candidate vaccine clinical trials must agree to use effective contraception to be enrolled into the studies, and for a specified period after vaccination, since the candidate vaccines' effects on the embryo or foetus are unknown. OBJECTIVES To review data on female participants' pregnancy rates from phase I and IIA(More)
GHRI-funded capacity building and HIV prevention research teams presented highlights of achievements Teams discussed how to jointly build on achievements for sustainability Provided an opportunity for inter-team collaboration, synchronize best approach to capacity building, mentoring of new researchers and building leadership Provided opportunities for(More)
Four adult ostriches developed sudden onset paresis and were unable to stand up when disturbed. After treatment with selenium and vitamin E, one of the birds could stand and move normally. The others died and post mortem examination revealed pale patches in the thigh muscles. Histopathological examination showed degeneration of skeletal muscles as seen in(More)
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