Jacquelyn N. Brinkman

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We examined the genetic make-up and plausible origins of the supernumerary (B) chromosomes of the Pacific giant salamander, Dicamptodon tenebrosus, from the Pacific Northwest of North America. These salamanders have variable numbers of B chromosomes, from 0 to 10 per individual. Salamanders from the most southerly and northerly regions of the species' range(More)
BCG vaccines are substrains of Mycobacterium bovis derived by attenuation in vitro. After the original attenuation (1908 to 1921), BCG strains were maintained by serial propagation in different BCG laboratories (1921 to 1961). As a result, various BCG substrains developed which are now known to differ in a number of genetic and phenotypic properties.(More)
Medical research to improve health care faces a major problem in the relatively limited availability of adequately annotated and collected biospecimens. This limitation is creating a growing gap between the pace of scientific advances and successful exploitation of this knowledge. Biobanks are an important conduit for transfer of biospecimens (tissues,(More)
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