Jacquelyn Boone James

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UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, a curated protein database, and dictyBase, the Model Organism Database for Dictyostelium discoideum, have established a collaboration to improve data sharing. One of the major steps in this effort was the 'Dicty annotation marathon', a week-long exercise with 30 annotators aimed at achieving a major increase in the number of D.(More)
Adults with histories of childhood sexual abuse were categorized as being either resilient or nonresilient on the basis of current levels of depression and self-esteem. Characteristics of both the individual and the early family environment distinguished resilient from nonresilient abuse survivors, as did the physically coercive nature of the abuse(More)
Consistent with the notion that childhood sexual abuse (CSA) shapes motivational dispositions and internalized schemata that are reflected in adult characterizations of self and others, we hypothesized that adult CSA survivors' characterizations of interpersonal relationships would reflect greater power motivation as defined by McClelland and Winter, and(More)
Retirement security is not just about the money. Although there are many guidelines for financial security, there are few for crafting a rewarding life in the new era of longevity and health. With the meaning of "retirement" being actively redefined, there is a gap between what older adults want and need and what their employers and policymakers are(More)
The current study tests the indirect effect of activity-related physical activity, cognitive activity, social interaction, and emotional exchange on the relationship between activity involvement and health (physical and emotional) in later life. Longitudinal data from the Health and Retirement Study (N = 5,442) were used to estimate a series of linear(More)
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