Jacquelyn A. Reed

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Signal transducers and activators of transcription (STATs) are critical components of cytokine signaling pathways. STAT5A and STAT5B (STAT5), the most promiscuous members of this family, are highly expressed in specific populations of hypothalamic neurons in regions known to mediate the actions of cytokines in the regulation of energy balance. To test the(More)
1. The effects of cocaine on locomotor activity and striatal dopaminergic receptors and dopamine turnover were studied in rat pups exposed to cocaine (30 mg/kg/day) throughout the entire gestational period. 2. Prenatal exposure to cocaine did not alter the motor coordination or spontaneous locomotor activity in the offspring. 3. No change in the(More)
1. The acute and chronic effects of nicotine (1.5 mg/kg/day) on the striatal and mesolimbic GABAergic systems were examined in the rat. 2. Despite altering the striatal DAergic activity, neither acute nor chronic administration of nicotine significantly affected the GABAergic system. 3. The nicotine treatment did not alter the ability of muscimol to inhibit(More)
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