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Two bacteriophages, RPP1 and RLP1, infecting members of the marine Roseobacter clade were isolated from seawater. Their linear genomes are 74.7 and 74.6 kb and encode 91 and 92 coding DNA sequences, respectively. Around 30% of these are homologous to genes found in Enterobacter phage N4. Comparative genomics of these two new Roseobacter phages and 23 other(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) was once a major killer in Europe, but it is unclear how the strains and patterns of infection at 'peak TB' relate to what we see today. Here we describe 14 genome sequences of M. tuberculosis, representing 12 distinct genotypes, obtained from human remains from eighteenth-century Hungary using metagenomics. All our historic genotypes(More)
In 2012, there was an increase in vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) isolated from the intensive care unit at the University Hospital of Cologne. Using whole-genome sequencing it was possible to establish that bloodstream infections with VRE were not the result of an outbreak or cross infections.
The development of multidrug-resistantAcinetobacter baumanniiis of serious concern in the hospital setting. Here, we report draft genome sequences of 11A. baumanniiisolates that were isolated from a single patient over a 65-day period, during which time the isolates exhibited increased antimicrobial resistance.
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