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PLASER is a multimedia tool with instant feedback designed to teach English pronunciation for high-school students of Hong Kong whose mother tongue is Cantonese Chinese. The objective is to teach correct pronunciation and not to assess a student's overall pronunciation quality. Major challenges related to speech recognition technology include: allowance for(More)
SKN-1/Nrf plays multiple essential roles in development and cellular homeostasis. We demonstrate that SKN-1 executes a specific and appropriate transcriptional response to changes in available nutrients, leading to metabolic adaptation. We isolated gain-of-function (gf) alleles of skn-1, affecting a domain of SKN-1 that binds the transcription factor MXL-3(More)
Mechanisms that coordinate different metabolic pathways, such as glucose and lipid, have been recognized. However, a potential interaction between amino acid and lipid metabolism remains largely elusive. Here we show that during starvation of Caenorhabditis elegans, proline catabolism is coupled with lipid metabolism by SKN-1. Mutation of alh-6, a conserved(More)
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