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The main contribution of this paper is a constructive parameterization of the class of almost smooth universal formulas which render a system asymptotically stable with respect to a known clf, and a constructive parameterization of a class of inverse optimal universal formulas having Kalman-like stability margins. The novelty of the parameterization is that(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, Google Street View (GSV) has been examined as a tool for remotely conducting systematic observation of the built environment. Studies have found it offers benefits over in-person audits, including efficiency, safety, cost, and the potential to expand built environment research to larger areas and more places globally. However, one(More)
In this paper, robustly satisficing controls based on control Lyapunov functions are applied to multi-agent formation problems. We show that under certain conditions a group of satisficing control laws chosen from the robustly satisficing set can guarantee bounded formation keeping error, finite completion time, and reasonable formation velocity as well as(More)
Until recently, the recovery phase of the emergency management cycle has received relatively little attention from the natural hazards research community in comparison to the other phases of planning, mitigation, and response. However, in the prolonged aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, studies on recovery have become more common as evidence from this disaster(More)