Jacqueline Tol

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BACKGROUND General practitioners (GPs) can play an important role in both the prevention and management of overweight and obesity. Current general practice guidelines in the Netherlands allow room for GPs to execute their own weight management policy. OBJECTIVE To examine GPs' current weight management policy and the factors associated with this policy.(More)
INTRODUCTION In the Netherlands, bundled payments were introduced as part of a strategy to redesign chronic care delivery. Under this strategy new entities of health care providers in primary care are negotiating with health insurers about the price for a bundle of services for several chronic conditions. This study evaluates the level of involvement of(More)
BACKGROUND Greater insight into the effectiveness of usual dietetic care will contribute to the ongoing development of dietetic services. The present study examined the change in body mass index (BMI) in overweight patients after dietetic treatment in primary care, the sources of variability and factors associated with BMI change. METHODS This(More)
This paper assesses a wide range of alternative proposals for post-2012 international climate policy regimes. We believe that these proposals will serve as a basis for debates about how to configure post-2012 climate policy. The paper characterises and assesses the policy proposals along the lines of five key policy dilemmas. We argue that 1) many proposals(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of obesity is growing worldwide. Obesity guidelines recommend increasing the level of weight-related care for persons with elevated levels of weight-related health risk (WRHR). However, there seems to be a discrepancy between need for and use of weight-related care. The primary aim of this study is to examine predisposing factors(More)
BACKGROUND Greater understanding of the variance in the number of consultations per dietetic treatment will increase the transparency of dietetic healthcare. Substantial inter-practitioner variation may suggest a potential to increase efficiency and improve quality. It is not known whether inter-practitioner variation also exists in the field of dietetics.(More)
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