Jacqueline T Duxbury

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OBJECTIVE This paper reports the results of a community trial to assess the effects of a multi-stage dental health promotion programme in reducing Early Childhood Caries (ECC). RESEARCH DESIGN Two health districts (Primary Care Groups) were matched for dental disease levels and socio-demographic factors. One was randomly allocated to be the test Primary(More)
This cluster randomised controlled study assessed the effectiveness of twice-yearly applications of fluoride varnish as a public health measure to reduce dental caries in children living in relatively deprived communities. The test (n = 334) and control (n = 330) children in 2 school years (unit of randomisation) attended 24 state primary schools and were(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper reports the results of a community trial to measure the clinical impact of a linked series of interventions on Early Childhood Caries (ECC) and general caries levels among five-year-old children. It exemplifies the problems of undertaking population based interventions in deprived communities. RESEARCH DESIGN Two health districts(More)
BACKGROUND There is evidence to suggest that the family is becoming a more democratic unit and that children are spending more on sweet snack items than ever before. A study was thus undertaken to investigate the influence of children on parental decision-making in relation to the use of sugary snacks. METHODS A cross sectional interview study; children(More)
A pilot outreach course in restorative dentistry based in community clinics began in 2001. As part of the evaluation, 48 fourth year students completed a questionnaire about their opinions of the new course, and about restorative dentistry clinics in the dental hospital. Time management was the most frequently mentioned gain from outreach. In relation to(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the prevalence of caries, including nursing caries, amongst 3-year-old children in three districts of Greater Manchester in the North West of England. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey of 762 randomly selected 3-year-old children using the dmft and dmfs indices. Three definitions of nursing caries were used in order to assess the(More)
This paper describes the patients treated by 4th year undergraduate students during the first year of a pilot outreach course to teach Restorative Dentistry in community clinics in 2001-02. Data were collected from 908 summaries of patient treatment completed by the students, and from 139 patient questionnaires. Some 75% of patients were aged between 16 and(More)