Jacqueline Salinas

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Most of the nuclear genome of warm-blooded vertebrates is a mosaic of very long (much greater than 200 kilobases) DNA segments, the isochores; these isochores are fairly homogeneous in base composition and belong to a small number of major classes distinguished by differences in guanine-cytosine (GC) content. The families of DNA molecules derived from such(More)
We have analyzed the expression patterns conferred by two G-box-related motifs, a perfect palindromic sequence (PA, 5'-GCCACGTGGC-3') and motif I (Iwt, 5'-GTACGTGGCG-3'), in transgenic tobacco plants. A mutant version of motif I, Imu, was used as a negative control. PA is present in the promoters of several different genes, whereas Iwt is a conserved(More)
We look for a common perceptual representation of place-of-articulation distinctions between stop consonants and those between closed vowels. This representation can be either acoustic or articulatory in nature but not both acoustic-articulatory because the acoustic consequences of front to back articulatory changes are inverted for stops and vowels.(More)
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