Jacqueline S. Rios

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The β-cell mitogenic effects of ANGPTL8 have been subjected to substantial debate. The original findings suggested that ANGPTL8 overexpression in mice induced a 17-fold increase in β-cell proliferation. Subsequent studies in mice contested this claim, but a more recent report in rats supported the original observations. These conflicting results might be(More)
The identification of novel targets that stimulate endogenous regeneration of beta cells would represent a significant advance in the treatment of patients with diabetes. The betatrophin hypothesis suggests that increased expression of angiopoietin-like protein 8 (ANGPTL8) induces dramatic and specific beta cell proliferation and subsequent beta cell mass(More)
The impact of incretins upon pancreatic β-cell expansion remains extremely controversial. Multiple studies indicate that incretin-based therapies can increase β-cell proliferation, and incretins have been hypothesized to expand β-cell mass. However, disagreement exists on whether incretins increase β-cell mass. Moreover, some reports indicate that incretins(More)
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