Jacqueline Renée Reich

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We present OSIRIS, an entirely in-house developed drug discovery informatics system. Its components cover all information handling aspects from compound synthesis via biological testing to preclinical development. Its design principles are platform and vendor independence, a consistent look and feel, and complete coverage of the drug discovery process by(More)
Establishing electronically accessible repositories of people’s capabilities, experiences, and key knowledge areas is key in setting up Enterprise Knowledge Management. A skills repository can be used for e.g. finding people, staffing, skills gap analysis, and professional development. The ontology based skills management system developed at Swiss Life uses(More)
MOTIVATION There have been several endeavours to address the problem of annotating sequence data computationally, but the task is non-trivial and few tools have emerged that gather useful information on a given sequence, or set of sequences, in a simple and convenient manner. As more genome projects bear fruit, the mass of uncharacterized sequence data(More)
There have been several attempts at addressing the problem of annotating sequence data computationally. Annotation generation can be considered a pipeline of processes: first harvesting data from a variety of data sources, then distilling and transforming it into a form more appropriate for the end database. This task is usually performed by human(More)
As information modeling takes a more prominent role in organizations and the implications become more widespread, researchers, practitioners and academicians alike will need to have access to the most up-to-date research and practice in information modeling techniques and applications. The chapters in this book address the timely topics of unified modeling(More)