Jacqueline R. Kemp

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SETTING Ntcheu District, rural Malawi. OBJECTIVES 1) To locate smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients who were identified during the first 6 months of 2000 but did not start treatment ('lost cases'); 2) to describe these patients' pathways to diagnosis, health status and socio-demographic characteristics; and 3) to explore why these patients did(More)
SETTING All non-private hospitals in Malawi that registered TB cases in 2001, during which there was a bus service for transporting sputum specimens to the Central Reference Laboratory (CRL) for mycobacterial culture and drug sensitivity testing (CDST). OBJECTIVES To determine the performance of the system of collecting and processing sputum specimens(More)
Improper regulation of signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) by angiotensin II (AngII) can lead to hypertension, vascular hypertrophy and atherosclerosis. The extent to which the homeostatic levels of the components of signaling networks are regulated through microRNAs (miRNA) modulated by AngII type 1 receptor (AT1R) in VSMCs is not fully(More)
The objective of this investigation was to distinguish which of the catalytic features of enzyme action is principally responsible for conferring the observed insensitivity of trout brain acetylcholinesterase (AChE; EC to in vitro inhibition by organophosphates. The experimental design consisted of comparing the kinetic constants for the hydrolysis(More)
The renin angiotensin system (RAS) produced hormone peptides regulate many vital body functions. Dysfunctional signaling by receptors for RAS peptides leads to pathologic states. Nearly half of humanity today would likely benefit from modern drugs targeting these receptors. The receptors for RAS peptides consist of three G-protein-coupled receptors—the(More)
SETTING The National TB Control Programme (NTP) of Malawi. OBJECTIVES To describe 1) the way in which a generic operational research project was developed and implemented by hospital TB officers (TBOs), 2) the outcome in terms of research work completed, data analysed and papers written up, and 3) the results of the research project. DESIGN A(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop locally appropriate measures of poverty for the National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP), Malawi, and to assess access to tuberculosis (TB) services by different socio-economic groups by establishing a socio-economic profile of current TB patients DESIGN A quantitative proxy measure of poverty was developed through regression analysis(More)
SETTING Five purposively sampled health facilities in Kasungu District, Malawi. OBJECTIVES To explore 1) the acceptability of introducing pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) screening into antenatal care (ANC) clinics amongst ANC clients and ANC service providers; and 2) the acceptability of tuberculosis (TB) treatment during and after pregnancy among women(More)
Twenty-five severely rhesus-isoimmunized fetuses, including 15 with hydrops fetalis, underwent a total of 77 intrauterine transfusions between 19 and 32 weeks' gestation. Fifty-eight of the procedures were fetoscopically directed intravascular transfusions, nine were ultrasound-guided intraperitoneal transfusions, and 10 were a combination of intravascular(More)