Jacqueline R. Howe

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Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRNT) is a molecularly targeted radiation therapy involving the systemic administration of a radiolabelled peptide designed to target with high affinity and specificity receptors overexpressed on tumours. PRRNT employing the radiotagged somatostatin receptor agonists 90Y-DOTATOC ([90Y-DOTA0,Tyr3]-octreotide) or(More)
Past research offers conflicting conclusions regarding the associations between self-esteem, psychopathy, narcissism, and aggression. The current study clarified these associations by examining self-esteem level and stability as it relates to the factors of psychopathy and narcissism predicting aggression. Self-report assessments were administered to 118(More)
A highly sensitive counting system has been used to measure radio-iodine in environmental samples from the Thames Valley. Iodine-125 and occasionally iodine-131 have been found in the thyroid glands of most of the swans that have died on the River Thames, the River Wey and the Grand Union Canal, and in algae and water samples from the Thames and many of its(More)
Using a series of daily measurements of 125I in the drinking water of North Surrey, England, from November 1988 through May 1990, the accumulated activities in the thyroids of adults drinking such water were calculated on the assumption that the fraction of ingested iodine taken up by the thyroid was f = 0.3 and the tap water consumption was C = 600 L y-1.(More)
Some mute swans have been found to have higher levels of radio-iodine in their thyroids than farm and wildlife animals. In the East Midlands of the U.K., elevated levels were confined to swans inhabiting major rivers like the Trent and Soar where the highest values occurred in thyroids collected downstream from sewage and water reclamation works. Comparing(More)
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