Jacqueline Plissonneau

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We have previously purified and characterized wheat germ DNA polymerases A and B. To determine the role played by DNA polymerases A and B in DNA replication, we have measured the level of their activities during wheat embryo germination. The level of cellular proteins known to be associated with DNA synthesis such as PCNA and DNA primase were also(More)
In yeast and animals, replication of the mitochondrial genome is carried out by the DNA polymerase gamma. In mammals this polymerase is composed of a catalytic and an accessory subunit. Yeast DNA polymerase gamma was purified over 6600-fold from mitochondria. The catalytic polypeptide of this enzyme was identified as a 135-kDa protein by a photochemical(More)
In eukaryotic cells, there is much evidence to indicate that the replication of the mitochondrial genome is carried out by a specific DNA polymerase named DNA polymerase gamma. In the yeast S. cerevisiae, a DNA polymerase gamma has been partially purified and the gene encoding the catalytic subunit identified. The characteristics of this enzyme are the same(More)
DNA replication occurs in various compartments of eukaryotic cells such as the nuclei, mitochondria and chloroplasts, the latter of which is used in plants and algae. Replication appears to be simpler in the mitochondria than in the nucleus where multiple DNA polymerases, which are key enzymes for DNA synthesis, have been characterized. In mammals, only one(More)
Stem-loop SL2 is a self-interacting palindromic sequence that has been identified within the hepatitis C virus genome (HCV). While, RNA dimerization of the HCV genome has been observed in vitro with short RNA sequences, the role of a putative RNA dimerization during viral replication has not been elucidated. To determine the effect of genomic dimerization(More)
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