Jacqueline Ottman

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Brain microvascular alterations are thought to contribute to the development of stroke and dementia. Structural changes in capillaries of elderly patients correlate positively with advanced age and dementia. The objective of this study is to use laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy to compare structural (collagen content) and functional (apoptosis)(More)
A substantial literature demonstrates activation of inflammatory processes in the Alzheimer's disease (AD) brain and an association between inflammation and oxidative stress. We have shown that brain microvessels from AD patients express high levels of inflammatory proteins and that these proteins evoke release of the neurotoxic protease thrombin from brain(More)
supporting the Sustainable Marketing Knowledge Network and the research work which has been incorporated within it. 3 Marketing and sustainability 'Marketing and sustainability' is based on an original booklet written by Martin Charter in 1990. The text has been updated and rewritten to take account of the changing and emerging debate of marketing's role in(More)
A rapid carbohydrate oxidation microtube system (Carr Microbiologicals, Wichita, Kans.), designed for detecting the saccharolytic activity of gram-negative, nonfermenting bacilli, was evaluated and compared with the conventional oxidation-fermentation method. The oxidation of glucose, maltose, lactose, and xylose was tested with 430 strains of Pseudomonas,(More)
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