Jacqueline N. Blake

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BACKGROUND Although sleep disturbances are commonly reported by individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), objective findings have been inconsistent, due in part to small sample sizes, comorbid psychiatric disorders, variations in the recentness of trauma exposure, and the use of PTSD subjects involved in psychiatric treatment. METHODS A(More)
Sleep disorders are a significant and growing problem, both for the economy of the nation and for the physical and psychological well-being of individual sufferers. The purpose of this research was to investigate the operational, administrative and medical environment within which sleep physicians currently diagnose patients with sleep disorders and develop(More)
Interactions between soil moisture and the atmosphere are driven by the partitioning of sensible and latent heating, through which soil moisture has been connected to atmospheric modifications that could potentially lead to the initiation of convective precipitation. The majority of previous studies linking the land surface to subsequent precipitation have(More)
A simultaneous same-different task in which the number of identical forms varied was given to younger children, older children, and adults. Same and different reaction times of older subjects did not increase as the number of forms increased, while younger children's reaction times on different trials did increase, probably due to difficulty in scanning the(More)
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