Jacqueline M. Watson

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No uniform method, applicable to all situations, can be developed for the quantitative study of bilharziasis vector snail populations. The selection of survey technique and sampling device depends on the objectives of the study, the circumstances in which the work is carried out, the nature of the habitat and the resources available.The various techniques(More)
We examined contents of alimentary canal from pond-reared Rio Grande silvery minnows (Hybognathus amarus; n 5 183) to determine frequency of occurrence for foods consumed among small (9–20 mm), medium (21–35 mm), and large fish (36–75 mm). Among 183 fish, 19% (n 5 34) of alimentary canals were empty. Of those with food items (n 5 149), insects were the most(More)
In order to increase the beam capture efficiency of Argonne's heavy ion linac to over 70%, a single cavity harmonic buncher has been designed as a replacement for the existing fundamental frequency buncher Because the beam line space between the 1.5 MeV Xe+1 preaccelerator and first accelerating cavity is at a premium, especially in the tunnel area near the(More)
Argonne's Heavy Ion Fusion (HIF) program is trying to demonstrate solutions to as many as possible of the issues involved with the rf linac/storage ring approach to heavy ion driven inertial confinement fusion. In the experimental part of the program, the development of an accelerator demonstration facility (ADF) consisting of a 40 mA rf linac for(More)
Common name: proserpine shiner, carpita rı́o del norte. Conservation status: Listed as threatened by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on 18 July 1977. Identification: Cyprinella proserpina has olive to blue coloration on dorsal and sides, and a distinct black medial stripe extending from chin to isthmus. Breeding males develop a dark vertical bar behind(More)
The author gives a comprehensive account of the present status of knowledge regarding the ecology and distribution of Bulinus truncatus, the intermediate host of Schistosoma haematobium in the Middle East and North Africa. He discusses in detail the types of habitat favoured by this snail, its life-cycle and seasonal variations in its populations, the(More)
During the past year the Los Alamos free-electron laser (FEL) oscillator has demonstrated high peak and average power (10 MW and 6 kW), broad-wavelength tunability (9-35 ¿m), and near-ideal optical quality (0.9 Strehl ratio). An electron energy-extraction efficiency of 1% was measured. The predicted production of synchrotron sidebands also was observed in(More)
The primary goal of the experimental program in heavy ion fusion (HIF) at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) during the next few years is to demonstrate many of the requirements of a RF linac driver for inertial fusion power plants. So far, most of the construction effort has been applied to the front end. The ANL program has developed a high intensity xenon(More)
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