Jacqueline M S Winterkorn

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Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, infarction of the optic nerve head owing to inadequate perfusion through the posterior ciliary arteries, is a common cause of visual loss in adults but is rarely reported in children, in part because the diagnosis is overlooked. We report two cases of young children undergoing chronic peritoneal dialysis, who suffered(More)
Selective downgaze paralysis was correlated with discrete bilateral lesions at the mesencephalic-diencephalic junction in a 9-year-old girl following severe pneumococcal meningitis, and in a 64-year-old man who suffered an embolic infarction. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated bilateral lesions in the region of the rostral interstitial nucleus of the(More)
Cluster headache is almost always idiopathic, but, in rare cases, associated intracranial lesions have been found. We describe a patient who had chronic cluster headache for more than 20 years. The headache immediately resolved upon resection of a tentorial meningioma. Prior reports of cluster headache as a manifestation of structural disease are briefly(More)
Vasospasm may be one of the causes of amaurosis fugax. A patient is reported who daily experienced multiple brief episodes of amaurosis fugax. The absence of physical, laboratory, or radiographic evidence for thromboembolism, hemodynamic compromise, or vasculitis, suggested that the amaurosis might be caused by vasospasm. This hypothesis was supported by(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the pathogenesis and treatment of optic disc swelling in neurosarcoidosis, including a novel therapeutic response to infliximab. DESIGN AND SETTING Case reports from an inpatient neurology service. PATIENTS A 35-year-old woman presented with headache, chronic visual loss, papilledema, and optic atrophy, characteristic of chronic(More)
Lyme disease is a multisystem disorder caused by infection with the Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete. The diagnosis of Lyme disease usually is based on several clinical criteria, with supportive data from laboratory testing. The presence of the bullseye skin lesion, erythema migrans, is the single pathognomonic criterion. In the 20 years since the initial(More)
A total of 66 eyes in 41 patients were treated for cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis with a new acyclic nucleoside, ganciclovir (BW B759U). At the completion of the short-term therapy period of 21 days, 87.7% of eyes had stabilized or improved. Seventy-two percent of eyes stabilized or improved during long-term home maintenance therapy. Leukopenia and(More)
We used [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose with positron emission tomography to explore the functional basis of lid opening apraxia (LOA). We studied four patients with LOA without associated pyramidal or extrapyramidal motor dysfunction (mean age 65.5 +/- 4.7 years). We compared measures of glucose metabolism with those calculated for 10 age-matched normal volunteers(More)